What lighting do you use for your displays? 12

I saw +Grizzen​ detolf cases (https://plus.google.com/105841845109391249990/posts/9pycAtit9hx) on his posts and was wondering what lighting others are employing on their stands.

IKEA has their own puck lights for the detolf but I wanted a stronger, whiter light but didn't want to melt my figures with a halogen bulb. I ended up using white LED equivalent to halogen bulbs minus the blowtorch like heat for my first 3 detolfs.

While I have seen LED strip lights. I didn't want to go that route for the sake of simplicity and laziness. The down side is the wire length is too short (about 1ft) and I ended up soldering longer wires with the right amp rating so I don't burn the house down.

That yellowish light is a 100w equivalent CFL bulb to show how strong the LEDs are.

Apparently not all Nendoroid Sabers get along on that first shelf.


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