Figure Friday Challenge – Couples / Pairings (Walk in Aincrad) 5

Been a while since I've done a composite. I was teasing this a few weeks ago ( I normally don't take so long but time has not been on my side to work on composites.

I was finally given an Asuna Figma this past Christmas to compliment my Kirito Figma. The idea for couples / pairings has been stuck in my head, but pairings are a bit difficult personally since I struggle to give poses that create such interactions. Here's hope for more pairings whether they're couples, friends, companions, weapon partners, items, food stuff…

Nevertheless Enjoy.

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Figure Friday Challenge – Box Liner (Going Merry) 1

My personal box liner favorite is Banpresto's Going Merry. Some figures comes with a base. Banpresto goes a bit green where the back of the box can be used as the stand / base to display the figure.

I don't have the full box anymore but the base stand where it was made from still lives on in my display case. Back of the box photo was something I had to dig up and taken with a point and shoot along with Thousand Sunny's stand.

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In Album 1/16/17

Figure Friday Challenge – Hair 1

Wanted a wind blown look but then thought twice. The process of detangling wig hair is rather tedious and I'm nowhere close enough to do it without messing it up.

Changed angles and went for a warm look. Since this is probably the last one how about [E]thereal atmosphere for the last theme? It can be foggy, a night sky, or a stylized bokeh usage to create something that wows or awes you.

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Figure Friday Open Challenge – Grunge 5

I felt the need to post something otherwise I get lost in other projects. This is a partial salvage of the digital background challenge. I lost a ton of work (I'm totally at fault) by overwriting with the wrong progress file.

So rather than redo, I went ahead and started with what's left and went for a more grungy overall look since I haven't done them. Personally it feels lacking an element and I can't seem to place what I'm missing. I'm also partially in uncharted territory testing things out to please bear with me >.<

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