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Old imitation drawing

Doing some cleaning led to me going through old drives of data and found an old drawing of Yoshizuki Iori (葦月 伊織 ) from I"s back in 2000. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I%22s)

Now the original art is completely Masakazu Katsura's. This was my attempt to draw from his manga freehand.

Then I was trying my hand at PhotoShop painting with a mouse at the time. Ended up with only the eyes and lips.

It was a bad scan I ended up doing a little cleanup to the jpg (lost the psd file).

The quality isn't great given the small file size but I figured might as well share.

#葦月伊織 #imitation #freehand #copy_lineart


Urban Racoons’ Olympics Spoof

The evil Urban Racoon trio strikes again!

The summer Olympics 2012 has come and gone, the time of constant sports watching has passed, but fear not! I decided to have the Evil trio come back again in this Olympics spoof. The three evil ones never give up on their food goal. For those who are not too familiar with the Urban Racoon Trio, you are see their appearance in the following Latentidle strips:

Internet Withdrawal

What’s Cookin?

Urban Racoons

Read between the lines

Jade giving hints to our typical male….


I’ve finally got back to doodling for Latentidle after slowly weaning myself away from Guild Wars and catching up on anime back logs. I decided to get back to our male protagonist and Jade. This continues from their previous strip, Grudges, which only showed the male’s perspective of the relationship. This time I’m showing the actual interactions between the two characters to give a better overview. Hopefully the male protagonist gets it… maybe….

The Perils of MMO

Which is more evil?

Which is more evil? The game or the dark side pushing you on?


Happy Friday everyone! Another happy weekend and more time to game! I’ve been back in Guild Wars for the past three weeks now and it almost feel like there’s a death grip of love for MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) upon me. I feel for the gamer in this week’s strip. The MMO games do a wonderful job immersing you into the world and your character. Sometimes I wonder who that other voice is on the left side of the strip is doing if the game does a better job.