Fate Grand Order – Shinjuku 1

Story done. Battle wise I think Camelot was more difficult with boss gimmicks. This one was ok overall, Shinjuku rider and chap 17-18 battles we're definitely the harder ones.

Scathach carried me through the bulk of the story. The Jalter for the last battle. Backline barely used but still quite the battle with those break bars.


Fate Grand Order – Vengeance Demon Wall Challenge Quest 3

Took a stab at the challenge quest. By the 2nd stage I was already two deep into my sub members. Things were looking grim with Fergus. Somehow Merlin's heal and invincibility skills kicked in at good times to make it through. I really lucked out with both rulers stage 6. Jalter one turned them both… O.o

By Dante's stage I still had Hercules left… Luckily I didn't need him.

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In Album 1/30/19

Google+ shutdown – reality setting in for me 2

I've had better interaction here on G+ compared to other social media. This is just my own personal opinion and seeing my email notification from Google regarding the dev side; reality is setting in.

Will be sad to see this site go. But I am certainly grateful for the people I've met here and hopefully see again on other social media.