Figure Friday Challenge – Hair 1

Wanted a wind blown look but then thought twice. The process of detangling wig hair is rather tedious and I'm nowhere close enough to do it without messing it up.

Changed angles and went for a warm look. Since this is probably the last one how about [E]thereal atmosphere for the last theme? It can be foggy, a night sky, or a stylized bokeh usage to create something that wows or awes you.

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Figure Friday Challenge – Expression (capricious)

Been learning new Photoshop technique. Puppet warp helps the "princess" sport a capricious smile. Plus stacking to do a HDR for the bokeh background and keeping Kizuna lit better.

Initially I wanted to do a close up of lips with a pattern but given "anime" type figures having thin lips, makes that idea a tad hard.

#SmartDoll #KizunaYumeno #Expression


Figure Friday Challenge – Urban 3

Finally my first shot with Smart Doll Kizuna Yumeno. This composite has been a long time in the making. I already had a picture in my head for Kizuna’s first photo when I first received her.

Been working on it on and off for the past 4 months. I wanted an abandoned urban look to it. The main hold back was compositing a completely brand new background. My prior composites have been “light” edits to stock photos backgrounds compared to this. Large changes such as water, adding vegetation, and completely new lighting added complexities. Original untouched stock here if you’re interested (

I also lost two month’s worth of work due to misreading the usage rights on a stock photo. But at least I caught it when I went back to double check. ^^; I ended up using a completely different stock photo for the background.

Another difficulty has been posing Kizuna in a natural pose. After photographing figures who have their poses predetermined was something I took for granted. I have a ways to go on posing but this was the closest natural post I can do for the moment.

I have to thank +Danny Choo for the Air Stand, that definitely helps with keeping Kizuna’s pose when I was photographing her. Enjoy all!

#kizunayumeno #smartdoll #urban #figurefriday