MS Girl Wing Gundam Zero Edition

A good friend gave me a 1/12 Zeta Gundam Girl (armored lady) when I mentioned many moons ago that I wish a figure girl mascot in a Gundam suit existed. This was part of the groom's gift to his groomsmen.

Never knew they made that line of figures. It still sits quietly in a box due to lack of time for paint, assembly and sheer laziness. ^^;

If you're interested in what Zeta Armored Lady looks like, there's a youtube video (not my video)

So for this Figure Friday, I'll be using MS Girl Wing Zero version with other figures. This one is already painted and easier to assemble

Been stuck on that since I went through a few unhappy bouts with the shots and pose with her and the other figures. Needed a break from it.

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Final Fantasy VII x Gundam = Cloudam

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Final Fantasy VII x Gundam = Cloudam

Custom Gundam to look like Cloud Strife. Fun looking custom.


(Click on link to see images and how the creator made it)

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