Zen garden romp 2

Work has their funny moments

Workplace remodeled the main lounge area getting rid of the indoor terrarium. The plants were not in the best condition but I do miss the palm trees.

This was replaced with a faux zen garden. Someone had the humor to place Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner on the fake rock. Pretty amusing IMO.

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In Album 10/13/16

Figure Friday Open Challenge – Grunge 5

I felt the need to post something otherwise I get lost in other projects. This is a partial salvage of the digital background challenge. I lost a ton of work (I'm totally at fault) by overwriting with the wrong progress file.

So rather than redo, I went ahead and started with what's left and went for a more grungy overall look since I haven't done them. Personally it feels lacking an element and I can't seem to place what I'm missing. I'm also partially in uncharted territory testing things out to please bear with me >.<

#grunge #roronoazoro #hunt #figurefridaychallenge


Figure Friday Challenge – Digital Background

Well I ran into a snag of my own doing. So I'll post one I did for Good Smile Nendoroid contest earlier this year.

Most people who have seen my works know I do composites for almost all my photos since I fear the sun and outdoors 😉 (j/k)

Mainly what I have in pictured in my head is closer to composites I create than what I can do in front of a camera. Plus this forces myself to learn Photoshop as a goal personally.