Read between the lines

Jade giving hints to our typical male….


I’ve finally got back to doodling for Latentidle after slowly weaning myself away from Guild Wars and catching up on anime back logs. I decided to get back to our male protagonist and Jade. This continues from their previous strip, Grudges, which only showed the male’s perspective of the relationship. This time I’m showing the actual interactions between the two characters to give a better overview. Hopefully the male protagonist gets it… maybe….

Decade comparison

It has been some time since I’ve last posted. Recently I’ve went back to Guild Wars and it has taken quite a bit of time off drawing. However that doesn’t mean I stopped. I was reading a post from Danny Choo’s website on drawing comparison ( So for the past two weeks I’ve been working here and there to do a comparison to see how much / little I’ve improved.

I was sifting through my old drawings and found a portrait I did back in 2002.

Below is the recent revamp of the drawing below:

Sorry for the Wait!!! >.<


Almost the start of the new week and I apologize for the delay >.< Here’s the doodle as promised, this was a cross of several things jumbling in my head. I was doing a little cleaning and started to go through some doodles I had done years ago based on El Hazard’s Ifurita character design. At the same time earlier this week I was also doodling a concept of what Apple’s Face Time would be in holograph form. Given both did not have enough punch I decided to sort merge the ideas together and it ended up as an apology for the long wait.