Drone ballet in front of Mt. Fuji

A fun drone ballet performed in front of Mount Fuji in Japan. The drones and LED synchronized well with the music. An impressive undertaking by Sky Magic (https://vimeo.com/163266757)

Sky Magic writes:

This was done so by utilizing more than 20 units of these flying machines, flight swarming formations, music, and 16,500 LED lights to combine into a single audio visual extravaganza. Furthermore, we are able to control the flying machines, visual and audio aspects concurrently, using the DMX512 [light controller]

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Eau de cat forehead

Scents are a big part of our lives. Online retailer Felissimo is selling a fabric spray that's supposed to smell like a cat's forehead.Not sure but that's one way to make your cat jealous thinking you're cheating on them.

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Japan finally bottles “the scent of a cat’s forehead”—now available to spray on your belongings!
After four months of development, Japanese online retailer Felissimo has finally captured the scent of a cat’s forehead in a bottle.

Ramen + bath = fun? 1

I like to eat ramen and like baths. The Yunessan Spa House in Hakone is providing the best of both worlds now by offering a ramen bath.

The bath, consisting of actual ramen pork broth/miso and synthetic noodles which allegedly helps improve patrons’ skin.

Watching the video I can see this place is like a perfect place for kaijyuu movie. The monsters just need to tear the roof off this place and boom — all-you-can-eat ramen and people buffet.

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