Figure Friday Open Challenge –  "Movie Poster" 1

Follow up on my prior post ( I tried doing a movie poster-esque theme. It's has two  parts.

1) Make the photo.
2) Second part is have the audience guess the movie I'm referencing to. This shouldn't be too hard 🙂

I got too eager with multiple figures which lead to an exponential increase in difficulty. I ended up using one figure only this time. 

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Ah! My Goddess – Final 48 manga unboxing

While there are unboxing for figures, rarely is there one done for manga. But being a big fan of Kosuke Fujishima's Ah My Goddess! I felt one was needed… perhaps a tad late compared to most people. 

The photos are a little low on resolution and that's intentional to make it a little difficult for boot leggers.

Here's the unboxing photos for Ah! My Goddess Final 48 Limited Edition. 

This is the limited edition box which contains:
1. Final Volume 48 of the manga series
2. A mini manga book
3. Drama CD
4. Reprints of Fujishima's illustrations including never released ones

The illustrations are on heavy card stock and are amazing to behold. 

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