Figure Friday Challenge – Photobomb 3

Ever since I've watched Jinrui and those "magical" fairies; I've been wanting to place them in some sort of photobomb. But it seems like this fairy wants to play more than photobomb. 

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Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita (人類は衰退しました) Anime

Jinrui Opening

I’ve been watching some of the summer anime and I am pleasantly surprised at some interesting series that has come out. Recently I’ve been watching Natsuyuki Rendezvous and Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita (Humanity Has Declined). 

Jinrui has taken a comedic approach to discuss the fall of humanity set in a world where mankind is nearing extinction. As is the series is filled with slap stick comedy but at its heart it is a bit depressing how humanity has declined due to over indulgence or reliance on technological advances. Take for instance the first episode is dealing with food shortages, heavy machines are not available and humanity has reverted back to the hunting and gathering society.  At this point nothing seems out of the ordinary. The heroine is tasked with providing meat to the village residence by killing chickens that are no longer producing eggs. However the people there are not familiar on how meat is brought to the dinner table due to their ignorance with the food process.

Similiar to South Park's Underwear Gnome strategy

They see it similiar to South Park’s underwear gnomes strategy; 1) Live Chicken 2) ??? 3) dinner meat. The ensuing resolution to resolve these difficult matters such as food productions involves “Fairies” as an way to get mitigate some the seriousness from the food shortage theme.

This continues onto subsequent issues that “plagues” humanity such as the subculture of anime, manga, doujins, comiket/conventions, and their influence on society.  I find this a great amusing series. It is interesting since the anime industry is reaching out more to avenues of sources such as Jinrui’s origination of light novels for ideas for series. Perhaps this is a possible sign that interesting anime/manga series are on the decline since only big series can sustain the industry and smaller series that might be interesting is not seeing the light of day. As the fairies stated, “It could become a fad”.

Nevertheless as with any well enjoyed series, a good story keeps fans longer. If you have time, I would check this series out.