Beelzebub anime ending stuck in my head 2

I was working on my anime backlog, so this past weekend, I finished watching the Beelzebub. This series had an interesting premise where a high school delinquent is chosen to be the surrogate parent for the Demon King's child. By doing so the parent can utilize the demonic powers to wipe out humanity. 

This basis provides the comedic plot on how the delinquent tries to avoid being the parent. The opening and endings songs for most anime fall into two categories; ones that makes sense and applies to the anime story and "how does this fit in to the series?!". Beelzebub's opening and endings fit more with latter.

So as I type this, the 4th ending song is stuck on eternal repeat in my head this week. 

Beelzebub ending 4 HD 

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