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Lonely man's Trip with "daughter"

Those shots are extremely lonely looking at them.

Courtesy of rocketnews and +Shurikn Ibuki


Originally shared by +Shurikn Ibuki

Go there, check the comment section, and see "normals" reactions.

Emotional pictures show lonely man’s trips out with “love doll” daughter【Photos】
Two years ago, Song Bo was diagnosed with a serious illness which gave him constant headaches and brought upon depression. Convinced he would never marry or have children, Song was browsing the internet one day when he stumbled upon a listing on China’s online shopping site Taobao that was to give him new hope. So …

Behind the scenes for Natsu's shot

Animated a quick behind the scene for Natsu's shot for those interested. I believe +wara zashi was curious on what I did for the shot.

The eyes were actually masked out so that they are from the first unaltered shot. Given I had darkened most of the figure, the eyes and teeth popped out more. I was going more for an anime exaggerated look where they have the eyes a lot brighter than it should be. It gives it a more menacing look for Natsu.