Sneak Peak on my composite with Kizuna

First I have to say it's been a long journey working on this shot. I lost two month's worth work due to misreading the usage rights on a stock photo. But at least I caught it when I went back to double check.

I'm working on a pretty ambitious personal composite. The prior ones were a build up. Twilight Dancer ( was close but working on it I was still a bit unsatisfied. So when I got Kizuna I had a shot in mind but need to revamp the photo to a new environment more or less.

I think I'm at the point where the background (the untouched is in the album here) is worked on enough I can move onto getting Kizuna started on a photoshoot so I can integrate her into the background.

I'm hoping to get this out by the faceless Figure Friday challenge.


In Album 2015-10-06