Lobster Festival 2011

Massive amounts of lobsters 1.5 pounds

Can't have a Lobster Festival without Lobsters....

This past weekend was Lobster Festival at Long Beach in California. I’ve heard fun things at this place and decided to go with some friends to participate in the event.  For those who are interested can head to their link: http://www.originallobsterfestival.com/

The festival is literally behind the Long Beach Convention Center which some of us are familiar with about a decade or less back when Anime Expo was held over here. Although it’s not a large park, there’s still enough things here to spend a part of one’s afternoon on. As you can see in the photo above those are 1.25lbs lobsters, the festival also carries 2.25 which are massive but I was already eating with my eyes at the other food vendors at the event.

Halfway mark for Lobster meal pickup. This is enough to make long cat jealous.

As you can see above is the line to pick up your lobster meal. This picture above was about the halfway mark. At this point I’ll let the photos do most of the talking.

Almost there...near the front of the line now to pick up my meal

My wait was paid off. Freshly pressure cooked lobster!

Massive pressure cookers! But they can double as an old style Japanese Tub bath =)

Eyeing my next food stall to eat at after my lobster.

A sweet tooth kid's dream; cotton candy half their own height!

After eating and enjoying the live band playing in the background I decided to get a background landscape shot. Apparently I needed to capture the beauty of the sky against the ugliness of the port-o-potties.

Additional photos from the Lobster Festival can be seen here:

Lobster Festival Photos