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I've been mulling over replacing my 7 year old laptop (Nc6220) on and off several times for the past 2-3 year. With a rooted nook tablet and my custom built desktop PC it usually is enough for my gaming/web/digital drawing needs hence the on and off mulling.

I usually have the laptop connect to the TV to watch some anime but it's not cutting it anymore since I think I maxed it out given its age. Works great as a streaming movie device but choppy laggy anime Hi10P (720p & 1080p) = unhappy anime geek.

I then tried a WD Live TV hub device for the TV only to find while it does play formats that will make most media player devices hit the wall. It was not enough to sate my anime needs since some 720p (non Hi10P) won't play due to mkv compression headers. I also didn't want to remux the anime files for the sake of time and convenience.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I ended up purchasing a used laptop. I'm already looking at articles on Linux compatibility/drivers for it now (no surprises there for those who know me).

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