Series I’m currently watching…

Happy Friday All! It’s been a long week but thankfully it’s the weekend. So I’m just wrapping up my week with a few series and updates.


Zero no Tsukaima

Zero no Tsukaima

So the not so fun stuff. Since Happy Potter movie series has concluded, I been given an itch to re-watch Zero no Tsukaima (Familiar of Zero / Zero no Louise). The series is similar in Potter in a few general aspects:

  • A magical world with Mages
  • Protagonist is from a Muggle like world
  • The two classes (Nobles/mages vs commoners)

But this is a very generalization I’m taking here. But there’s mages, talking swords and the protagonist oogling at the anime girls like we otakus might do when watching a series. So when I decided to watch it, I could not locate my discs so I spend an evening sorting out the disc binders for the series and ended up cleaning a decade worth of random disc placements. It was not fun however needed though…


Now the fun stuff, after cleaning it was time to take a look at a few new anime series I began watching so I’ll place a few screen shots.

Baka x Test Second Season

Baka x Test Second Season: Poor Yuji stuck in drag.....


Nyanpire: A kitten with vampire-like tendencies, a cute 3 minute ep series

Blood C: School Girl with Swords = win!


Sacred Seven: a dragon ball moment.... =)

I’ve also been sucked into a Korean group called Girls Generation thanks to a Dead or Alive and Final Fantasy music video imitating Girls Generation’s Gee dance video. See for yourself. ┬áThe Dead Fantasy is fan made which is amazing.

Girls Generation / Dead Fantasy – Gee Music Video comparison

Dead Fantasy – Gee Music Video