Renewing eyes for photography

Been getting stuck too frequently in figure photography. I can say that real life and work is getting in the way but all of us gets this. So I'm doing more photography research and articles and came across one where there are things to shoot but perhaps our point of view is too narrow which holds us back.

I've been racking my brain out for a shot to work with Kizuna. I have one in mind but getting the composite is the biggest challenge. Slowing working on it bit by bit; I'll get there.

Stuck Indoors? You Can Still Make Great Photos When You Have to Stay Home – Tuts+ Photo & Video Article
Staying home, either for a day or two or longer periods, does not mean you’ve to give up on photography. There are fantastic photography projects to pursue inside the four walls of your house. You just have to discover them. Here are some ideas to get you started. | Tags: Creativity, Inspiration, Photography Fundamentals, Macro, Nature