Natsume Yuujinchou figure quick review

Side cover of the box

Happy New Year! A new year and the start of the 4th season for Natsume Yuujinchou anime and to celebrate I decided to open Alter’s Natsume figure. Normally boxes are generally removed, tossed into storage, but this one is worth mentioning since the box presentation is well thought out. When the front cover is opened, the box incorporates the figure in the background like the artwork.

Opening the cover shows the scenery and the figure.

While some figure boxes does this presentation, Alter goes another step and add magnets to the front cover to prevent the front cover from freely opening. This bring a nice touch and personally makes it difficult parting with the box.

Another side shot of the other side of the box

Continuing on with the other side of the box we have a silhouette said figure. This light color scheme connects to the back side of the box which gives the view a sneak peek of Nyanko Sensei.

Back of the box where we see Nyanko Sensei after opening the front cover

The color scheme works well with the dark blue on half and the contrasting while on the other half. Opening the box shows that the pieces (Natsume, his jacket, and the plastic case cradling the entire figure) were carefully wrapped to help prevent paint transfer while the figure is stored in the box.

Layers of plastic wrap to help prevent paint transfer

Now some reviews I’ve read shows some people wanting more details on natsume’s clothes but personally since the art and the manga have been very simplistic, the figure follows the mangaka’s art style.

Close up of Natsume

Close up of Nyanko Sensei

The base also has some great attention to details, the translucent grass and the water ripples from the lake.

Details of the base is well done

The details also follows the pattern on Natsume’s jacket all the way down to Nyanko Sensei’s pawprint. Overall a well done figure.

Details on the jacket pattern and Nyanko Sensei's paw

Back shot


With the jacket for those cold evenings...

This scene sort of reminds me of Nurarihyon