Google Wallet Experience: Eh 1

This is my second time using Google Wallet. First time was with a vendor, the payment got charged, processed, and life is good. When it does not flow, it will be a nightmare.

7/11 – After watching Google I/O and the Nexus 7 tablet. I excitedly sold my Nook Color and preordered the device. I placed a low amount credit card for the wallet just to cover the cost and shipping. My credit card company verified the authorization charge for the Nexus went to Google Wallet on 7/11 but it was not processed on Google's end thus dropping the process but it was not released on my credit card's end.

7/19 – When Google was about to ship the Nexus, another charge went to the card and it was declined since I was double charged. Up to this point I can understand the decline. No complete charge was made on the credit card; no harm, no foul. I received an email to "update your payment information" on Google Wallet. I immediately complied by removing the card in question and placing another card in its place. I then called support in the evening and after 20 minutes of waiting I was told it will update within an hour. After an hour, I checked online and Google did a $1 test charge on the new card and my order for my Nexus 7 tablet order was not updated. 

I then called my credit card company and verified the charge on 7/11, credit card sent authorization and no confirmation from Google was sent back. Leaving the original card in pending limbo for the cost of the device, shipping, and tax. My credit card company confirmed the updated card information in Google Wallet only had $1 test charge; nothing more.

After this 30 minute call. I decided to contact Google support again. I waited 40 minutes in queue (about 9pm) and spoke with another support specialist. She then navigated me over to Transactions options, go into the actual order, and there I would just click on "update your payment information" link to update the actual order. That link did not work, I was brought to the main transaction page in Google Wallet. The support specialist tried and experienced the same thing I was. At the end of this 60 minute call (including the wait time), I was told if I updated the credit card information via the Payment Method option I will need to wait up to 7 days for the order to take effect or it will cancel on its own. I don't blame the support given the low access level she can assist me with my issue.

Two and a half hours since I checked on this Nexus 7 order I've tried to add another card but the order is not updating; I removed it so only one new card is set.

7/20 – My Nexus 7 order is in complete limbo without my knowing whether it will cancel or ship until I wait up to an entire week. To top this off I then received a new automated email on 7/20 stating my order shipped but checking back on Google Wallet, that is not the case.

Given that I cannot cancel the order (there was not cancel order button, I've checked). I cannot walk into a Game Stop or Office Depot so I can purchase the device to bring this entire ordeal to an end and save on shipping. This has been the bane in my life for the past two days. 

– To be continued…… =(

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