Figure Friday Challenge – "Sword Dancer" 2

Here's my entry for this week's #figurefridaychallenge . I gave a bare bones sneak peek two to three weeks ago (

The background and basic guide I used was from Sorin Bechira ( I also borrowed Bechira's background from his Figure 16 image to save time (+Albert Nakano I'm in the same boat with a bad photo; but with a low resolution for a background). Everything else in the image was done on my own accord to figure things out. 

Some may know I tend to use Photoshop / Lightroom … heavily. I'm still a novice ^^;

I wanted to get better at Photoshop and decided I should focus on a long term self stretch project, matte painting ( 

I have a much better appreciation for those that do matte painting for a living. To say it's difficult is an understatement.

Here's brief amount of techniques I had to learn/use:
– Color matching
– Displacement maps
– Contrast blending
– Clipping masks
– Multiple layers (4-6) blending

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