Figure Friday Challenge – Attire 6

Started the beginning of the week with a Genshiken figure in mind. However the overall results from wasting Friday night shooting led to recreating a King of Fighter's scene.

Since +清水慎一's Binchou-tan photos and +Sean Bires's comment on a need for more diorama for figures. I tried to with my poor PS skills to do a photo composition of Mai Shiranui. Her iconic attire does lead one to think of the KOF series…. I'm probably rambling on now….

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  • Francis Huang
    Francis Huang

    +Danny Lim I can give the high level overview. The details will take more time. So here goes:

    1) Find background photo of Gion alleyways with the proper point of view.
    2) Review background photo for the strongest light source and its direction.
    3) Take a greenscreen of Mai and match the background photo's light source and direction (this helps with cutting down on Photoshop correction).
    4) Using the Drop shadow for blending to create the shadow silhouette. Create a new layer from that effect.
    5) Using a Transform with Warp on the shadow layer, warp it to match the background shadows based on the strongest light source.
    6) Mask the shadow layer using a gradient to fade out the shadow to look more realistic.
    7) Since the photo of Mai on the greenscreen doesn't match the tone of the background. I selected Mai's layer then in Image -> Adjustment -> Match Color option and selecting the Background as the source adjusts the color tones.
    8) The color tones are roughly adjusted but Mai is still brighter than the background. Again on Mai's layer Image -> Adjustments -> levels then followed by brightness adjustments and then Hue / saturation adjustments
    9) Go into Channels and select the Red channel to help evaluate if Mai matches the background. (I'm still off in this one ><).
    10) Find Silhouette of Iori and paste. Then apply inner glow effect.
    11) Quick mask the background. Using a gradient tool, mask the area towards the back.
    12) Remove the quickmask, invert it to select the top half of the background and apply Filter -> Blur -> Lens Blur.
    13) Mai's outline is a tad sharp, so I select her silhouette, then using the refine edge feature to feather about 2px.

    that's the gist of it…. ^^;

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