drool new Intous 5 tablet 3

now I'm checking prices on Intuos 4 to see if I can replace my Graphire 3 tablet…

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BREAKING NEWS: Wacom intros new Intous 5 tablet line (and it ROCKS!!)

I've been using one for about two weeks, and now I can't even think of going back to my old beloved Intous 4 tablet. The new wireless Intous 5 has gone all "touch" and now you can use it for drawing (for me, retouching), and you can use it as a touchpad like on a laptop (I can use the same gestures on the tablet that I use on my MacBook Pro — once you try it, you will absolutely love it!). There's more info on their site, but at 4:00 PM ET today we're doing a FREE live launch-day broadcast with our in-studio guest, Wacom's own Wes Maggio.

Here's the Webcast link: http://bit.ly/yiQfCf and here's the link to Wacom's site for the latest Intous 5 info: http://bit.ly/ywSOlP (See you at 4:00 pm ET today!).

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