5 thoughts on “Anime-expo 2014

  • Janice Y
    Janice Y

    Doesn't seem too exciting this year. We are going to the Kill la Kill event, though I still need to catch up on the series. I would like to attend the SAO II panel if it does not conflict with the KlK event.

  • Ni Ondoy
    Ni Ondoy

    How do you guys have time to stand in line for panels and photograph cosplayers?  o_O  Covering cosplay gatherings usually takes all my time.  How early do you usually go to line up for panels?  Can you get away with 1 hour early, these days?  (Sorry for all the questions!  #^^# )

  • Francis Huang
    Francis Huang

    +Ni Ondoy mainly a lot of planning to see where and when the panels are. Depends on how popular the panel is will dictate how early we need to get there. Not too popular will not take leaving too early. Popular ones like KLK will probably be 1-2 hours early without premiere pass. A premiere pass doesn't hurt for panels 🙂

    Personally for cosplayer shots I reserve a certain amount of time wandering the main area(have to be stern with my time management). I do quick shots as well while I'm window shopping in the exhibit hall.

  • Ni Ondoy
    Ni Ondoy

    +Francis Huang  Thanks for the info!  ^o^  I really thought popular panels had to be like 3+ hours early or something.  (But maybe I'm thinking of ComicCon?)  o~o  So I always gave up on them.  But knowing 1-2hrs is good enough, really helps!

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