Anime Expo 2011, Matsumoto, Danny Choo and Cosplay!


Anime Expo Box CosplayerAnime Expo 2011 has been a fun experience. I’ll highlight a few things that made me squeal like a school girl. First one is that I am fortunate enough to meet Izumo Matsumoto Sensei.

Izumi Matsumoto - creator of Kimagure Orance Road

A beloved mangaka of mine <3

Went I was in college I was introduced to the romantic comedy, “Kimagure Orange Road,” and immediately fell in love with the series. It had sci fi element, an early prototype of Tsundere, and the naiveness of youth experiencing love which almost everyone can relate to. Izumi Matsumoto is the creator of this amazing series which came out in 1984 where his manga that has been adapted into an anime series, novels and a radio drama.  To my surprise, Matsumoto Sensei was diagnosed with cerebrospinal fluid disease. This unfortunate turn of events suspended his work in order to take care of his health according to Anime Expo’s guest summary.

Besides the KOR (Kimagure Orange Road), Matsumoto Sensei was also experimenting with digital comics in the early 90’s and as you can see he was definitely on the right track since we’ve all seen online manga readers and digital comics becoming the norm nowadays.

Since  this is summer, I think it’s fitting to see KOR’s second opening, Orange Mystery, where part of the lyrics goes “My Summer Angel” But the song does sum up the theme of the series and a romanticized nostalgia.

If you cannot see the embedded Youtube video, here’s the link:


The next highlight has been Danny Choo’s 2nd arrival to AX! Again it’s just a big meet up and I had a great time talking with Mrs. Choo and fellow anime otakus.

Danny Choo x FAKKU meetup

Danny Choo (middle) & Jason (right)


I recently bought an Olympus PEN E-PL2 camera since I felt I was getting the max out of my Point and Shoot camera but the quality of the photos were not where I wanted. But most of you wanted to see the cosplay so please see the photos I uploaded to Flickr.

my AX 2011 highlight pics: Anime Expo 2011 Cosplay Pics