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Anime Spring 2017 – Gin no Guardian (银之守墓人, Silver Gravekeeper)

Going through some of Spring season's anime offerings. It's very short episodes 13 minutes (less if you minus the op and ed).

It has a lot of story telling short comings which is somewhat prevalent in Chinese anime I've seen. Mainly very quick introductions and relationships built between the protagonist(s). The story doesn't leave a vested interest with the audience for the protagonists within an episode or two.

On the other hand I do understand it's a very tall order to get a story across in such a short episode. I don't believe it's the director's fault since it may follow the comic to a T (someone correct me if I'm mistaken on this) or perhaps there are restrictions on the story that can be adjusted, which is possible since IP is at play here.

Given so little development, this may fall off my list for future episodes to watch.

"Based on the Chinese web comic Yín Zhī Shǒu Mù Rén.

Sui Gin may be poor, but he is one of the best online video game players. This identity however, is unknown to all except for RikuLei, Sui Gin's classmate. She delivers a mysterious mobile device to Sui Gin but before being able to explain herself, RikuLei is kidnapped and Sui Gin unwittingly finds himself wrapped up in series of problematic circumstances. Searching for a way to save her, he accidentally activates the device allowing him to dive into a new Virtual game-world.

(Source: ANN)"

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