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Battle Girls Time Paradox – mini review


A stranger in a strange world

Deciding who's is the tastier one if stranded on an island with no food.


After being caught up with Deadman Wonderland anime and current manga, I decided to take a look at Battle Girls Time Paradox. I’m not good with Japanese history and neither is out heroine. So what I have taken from this series so far is:

  • Heroine is doing poorly at Japanese history in her current world.
  • Goes to shrine praying for good luck on test.
  • Heroine messes up someone’s time spell incantation (I hate it when that happens) and ends up in another world.
  • All Japanese historical figures end up as female versions.
  • A talking dog named Shiro as a side kick.

What I did get out of the series is that a recent favorite seiyuu of mine since Black Lagoon, Megumi Toyoguchi, plays the voice for Oda Nobunaga.


Oda reminds me of Naga from Slayers for some reason. Must be the eyes.



For a listing of her works can be seen at:


The voice and eyes for Oda has a “Revy” from Black Lagoon flair given the personalities and general traits are very similar. Oda is looking for a legendary armor and for one reason or another taken a liking to our heroine.


Nothing like stone soup to get the whites out of your eyes!


So at after two eps, a talking dog named Shiro (white) got through to the heroine that she is in another world. So they will be teasing each other through this series. But the fact that there is a dog in the series is rare since mainly the cat girl/neko mimi have been the general de facto standard.


Shiro from Battle Girls

Yay! A dog as a mascot. Rare to see them in anime

So a quick recap, talking dog, heroine, time travel, historical Japanese characters are all female, and Megumi Toyoguchi. Toyoguchi’s voice will probably keep me watching this series a bit longer.